Bí Mật 2 :Hôn Nhân Đồng Giới


Xem chương trình của tạo hóa, tập: Bí Mật 2 :Hôn Nhân Đồng Giới

“BÍ MẬT CỦA TẠO HÓA’ một chương trình thường được phát sóng trên vào 23h tối chủ nhật hàng tuần. Nội dung là những cuộc trao đổi của về các trong , và xã hội hằng ngày…

Nguồn: Youtube


  1. I agreed with this video in some parts but there were a lot of bias about their information and where they got it. 1, there are more than 3 categories about sexuality, not just LGB. What happens to the TIQA? 2. Why only LGB issues are discussed but not other groups, 3. IT IS NOT CALLED AS GROUPS, people. DO NOT TRY TO LABEL AND CATEGORIZE PEOPLE INTO GROUPS. It is the communities with different people. And 4. What the hell happens to LBGTQIA people’s struggles are mentioned. You people make it like it’s so heavenly that there are no struggle. Did you ever reach to LGBT people who are poor but not middle class or wealth? I found this video is totally so disturbing and angry for the very first 3 mins. I’m a lesbian and proud of myself as a Vietnamese lesbian. But I do not agree with whatever they said above. The information are presented being very selective. They create such harmony and some heroification image about LGBT. Plus the topic name is gay marriage. Where the hell is it? You didn’t say anything about oppression at all. Without understanding the very basic concept of it.